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BioShot 8MM .34 High Precision Biodegradable BBs (1500rds White)

Finally an 8mm biodegradable airsoft bb!  Now you can pull that 8mm classic gun out of your closet and play with it.  No more rediculous 8mm bb prices.  BioShot has found a way to make them affordable so you can enjoy your 8mm guns once again.  We offer the 8mm in two weights, .34g and .45g.  So choose your ammo wisely and get that 8mm out of the house and back out in the field where it belongs.

Each 1500 rounds come in UV resistant-reclosable bags.This gives them a longer shelf life along with the convenience of a reclosable bag so your bbs end up where you want them instead of on the floor.

These bbs are the best quality that we have come across.  Highest precision is roundness, weight, size and polish.  We have tested these bbs against normal plastic bbs and they perform as well if not better.  Plus they are bio-bbs which make them great for the environment.  For more information you can go to the BioShot website.

Important disclaimer:

All Airsoft guns sold at Airsoft Advantage come with required orange tip or orange plastic flash hider in accordance with federal laws.

Airsoft Advantage only sells look-alike replica products. We do not carry any authentic firearms, parts or accessories.

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