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The Brugger & Thomet MP9 is a revival of the now discontinued Steyr TMP. When Steyr decided to cease production of it's TMP due to low sales and licensing problems, Brugger & Thomet (B&T) purchased the designed and began to produce a highly modified and improved version of the TMP, christened the B&T MP9. The new rendition of this venerated gun now sports a folding stock and integrated rails on the upper and right side of the receiver.

The folding stock makes this one very short gun when folded at only 32cm and it's extremely lightweight fiber reinforced polymer construction makes this both a rock solid gun and maneuverable for CQB. Realistic markings across the entire gun also makes this a gun worthy of any collection. The gun feels great to shoot and it's moderate power means it's great for indoor tight quarters skirmishes. The magazine's high capacity of 55 BBs also means you will have an advantage over other pistol users.

Blowback Hop-Up Weight Length Capacity FPS
Yes Adjustable 1700 g 530 mm 55rds +-300fps
Shooting Mode Gas Types
Semi / Full Auto 134a / Green Gas
Includes Gun, Magazine, Manual



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