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KSC M18C (Metal Slide)

Semi and full-auto action in a hybrid cut slide, the M18C's performance is quite impressive with high rate of fire consistent to the last round. You can literally empty the entire magazine in 2 seconds by holding the trigger down and allowing the 18C to kick and spit in your hand. Cycle times are so fast that you can barely see the slide cycle beyond a blur. Responsive blowback thanks to the lightweight slide and precision fit and finish. A 49 round high capacity magazine is available. You can also install a threaded barrel to take a silencer! Or install a M3 SureFire light on the rail.

Blowback Hop-Up Weight Length Capacity FPS
Yes Adjustable 1.75 lb 202mm 23 Rds 285-300
Shooting Mode Gas Types
Semi / Full Auto 134a / Green Gas
Includes Manual, loading tube, bbs, hop wrench

Important disclaimer:

All Airsoft guns sold at Airsoft Advantage come with required orange tip or orange plastic flash hider in accordance with federal laws.

Airsoft Advantage only sells look-alike replica products. We do not carry any authentic firearms, parts or accessories.

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