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BOL Basic NiCD and NiMH Charger

This is a great basic charger.  Read below for the features of this charger.  Perfect for any begining Airsofter.  Charges both NiCD and NiMH batteries with slow or quick charges.  Will charge batteries up to 9.6v.

- High speed sample rate negative delta voltage and zero delta voltage auto-detect cut off circuit with MOSFET control for peak detection. Pulsation charge method to prevent overcharge and overheat.
- Charge Ni-MH battery by Zero delta voltage technology without using thermo-detection probe.
- Auto-detect switching mode charge for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.
- Front panel with ˇ§MODEˇ¨ buttons and dial log to select charging current.
- ˇ§DIAL LOGˇ¨ to select charging current from 0.5A ~ 4.0A, 0.1A step up.
- 3 LED indicator for SLOW CHARGE, FAST CHARGE and POWER
- Low power amplifier and low offset voltage comparator
- Volt threshold 4mV/cell for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery
- Auto-detect battery pack number of cells
- Trickle current (0.1A) after any mode finished
- Reverse polarity protection system
- 13A fused input protection
- Charge battery pack with combination 4~8 cells
- Build in auto switching power supply with input 100~240V AC
- 4 cm Cooling fan to enhance the performance.

- Input Voltage : AC 100V ~ 240V
- Battery Voltage Range : 4.8V to 9.6V
- Charging Current : 0.5A to 4.0A


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