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Airsoft Advantage Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to place an order with Airsoft Advantage. The parents of any minor falsifying his or her age will be held responsible for any lawful actions taken upon that minor.
  • You understand that it is entirely your responsibility to make sure you are not in violation of any local, state or federal law regarding owning, possessing or using any item you purchase from Airsoft Advantage.
  • You agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Airsoft Advantage and J&D Sales, its owners, officers, directors, employees and affiliates, from and against all liabilities, injuries, damages, penalties, claims or causes of action arising out of your use and your ownership of any products sold to you by Airsoft Advantage.
Payment and Pricing Terms and Conditions:
  • You must pay by one of the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PAYPAL, certified check, money order and wire transfers. Note: Orders will not be sent out until certified checks and money orders have cleared and have been deposited into our bank account. For wire transfers please contact Airsoft Advantage for transfer instructions.
  • Once we process your order and receive confirmation of your payment we will ship your product within 24 to 48 business hours.
  • All prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Items on sale or special promotional items have limited quantities and will be sold on a first come first served basis.
  • A sales tax of 7.75% will be added to all California orders.  CA Sales tax will increase to 8.75% April 1st 2009.
Shipment Terms and Conditions:
  • All orders must be shipped to a physical address. We will NOT ship to a P.O. Box address. Orders that contain a P.O. Box Address will automatically be canceled.
  • Orders shipped to an APO will have a handling charge of $5.00 and require an additional day for processing.
  • All propellants (including but not limited to 134a Gas, Green Gas and Red Gas) will be shipped via UPS GROUND service only. NO ACCEPTIONS! 
    Any customer purchasing a UPS express shipping service (including but not limited to Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air or 3rd Day Air) on an order containing a propellant will be shipped UPS GROUND and the difference in shipping cost will not be refunded.
  • Airsoft Advantage reserves the right to change shipping methods as necessary.
  • We will ship to Canada but Airsoft Advantage is not responsible for any Customs seizures.  Any order sent to Canada that is returned by Customs there will be a 20% restocking fee and that order will be then canceled.  If an order to Canada is returned and we do not receive the returned package no refunds will be issued.  Bottom line, all orders being shipped to Canada are the customers responsibility.
  • All Airsoft guns are shipped with a bright orange tip.  No modifications will be done to remove or paint orange tip on any of our guns shipped within the US.  All inquiries to do so will not be answered.
  • If an order is returned to us because of an invalid address or because the package was denied at the time of delivery we will contact the customer to verify mailing addess and send out the order a second time.  All shipping charges for the second dispatch will be applied to the payment method used for the order. 
Return Policy:
  • Airsoft Advantage will NOT cover Returns, Exchanges, and/or any Warranty for any and all Airsoft guns, parts and or accessories. Please be fully aware of this when purchasing any items from Airsoft Advantage.
  • All AEG’s have a 10 day manufactures warranty. For internal parts only. ICS AEGs have a 30 day warranty. Items cannot be returned for cosmetic damage as in broken sites, cocking handles or fading from tampering with the orange tips. The 10 day warranty starts upon confirmation of the delivery to you from UPS. If you tamper with the gun in anyway being it removing warning stickers, trying to clean up Trade Marks, removing orange paint, internal modifications or any other customer caused defect, the 10 day warranty becomes VOID. You are now responsible for the items.
  • If you were shipped the wrong item, PLEASE let us know so we can correct OUR mistake. We will be happy to pay for shipping to return the incorrect item(s) back to us and to get you what you ordered.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Any sale on "Custom Upgraded Packages", which may include but not be limited to: Internal and/or External modifications to any and all Airsoft Guns sold by Airsoft Advantage are final.
Warranty Policy:
  • All ASA Custom guns and upgrades performed on new guns carry a 14 day warranty on internal parts only.
  • Warranty for all AEG Airsoft Guns sold at Airsoft Advantage (AEG, ASA CUSTOM, and Airsoft Advantage Upgraded AEG's) do NOT cover variances in performance. Which includes but may not be limited to; Inconsistencies in F.P.S. (feet per second) and/or R.O.F. (rate of fire); irregularity in shot trajectory, etc . . .
  • Any gun sent in for repairs and or upgrades will not receive a warranty. Only guns purchased new from Airsoft Advantage having upgrades done before leaving our store or ASA Custom guns will be eligible for warranty. 
  • No used guns sold at Airsoft Advantage come with a warranty. All used guns have been fully rebuilt and are in proper working condition before being sold.
  • Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • We will not in any way provide our warranty services once the warranty time period has elapsed.
  • You must ship the merchandise back to Airsoft Advantage within 14 days from the receipt of said merchandise.
  • Cost of sending the merchandise back to Airsoft Advantage is not covered in the warranty and return policy.
  • RETURN AND/OR WARRANTY COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO IMPROPER OPERATION OF OUR PRODUCTS (Operator Error) AS WELL AS COSMETIC OR RELATED DAMAGE (Broken Cocking Handles, Lost Safety Lever, Removal of any Trademarks from any Airsoft gun, etc. .
  • Any and All ASA warranties will become VOID if any modifications have been done by customer after Airsoft Advantage has performed the upgrade or repair. 

Product Images:

Airsoft Advantage is constantly updating it's inventory to house only the best quality Airsoft products.  Normally the product images do not change as we just add the new products to our website.   With batteries however, we update to newer better battery cells quite often and it is hard to keep the website images up to date.  The image is to show size and configuration of the cells so you can compare them to your application.  Battery images may be different than product shipped.  However, the performance of the cells are equal to or exceed what was originally posted on the site. 

Airsoft Advantage reserves the right to determine the proper course of action in all circumstances relating to Sales and/or Service of our Products (which includes but may not be limited to shipping methods, refusal of sales and/or service).
Do NOT Change, Obscure, Alter, Remove or Obliterate ANY coloration or markings on any Airsoft gun sold to you by Airsoft Advantage. The coloration and/or markings on any Airsoft gun including the blaze orange tip are designed to comply with applicable state and federal regulations. Any alteration, removal, obscuration, or modifications done to the markings (particularly to the blaze orange tip) will automatically void any and all warranties, returns, and/or exchanges (No Exception). Furthermore, anyone who changes, alters, removes, or obliterate any coloration or markings that are required by state or federal law or regulation, in any way that makes this product look more like an actual firearm may be found guilty of a misdemeanor. NO REFUND OR WARRANTY TO ANY MERCHANDISE WHICH HAS BEEN ALTERED OR MODIFIED IN ANY WAY. ANY ATTEMPT TO OPEN OR TAKE APART ANY PRODUCT WILL RENDER YOUR WARRANTY AS WELL AS ANY AND ALL RETURN POLICIES NULL AND VOID.
Airsoft Advantage a product of J&D Sales and reserves the right to make changes at any time to our policies which includes and may not be limited to: Policy of Sale, Payment Terms, Return and Warranty Policy.  

Airsoft Advantage only sells look-alike replica products. We do not carry any authentic firearms, parts or accessories.

Colt®, the image of the Rampant Colt, M4®, M16™, CAR™, and the overall appearance of the M4 are registered trademarks of New Colt Holding Corp. Glock® and the overall appearance of Glock and G-series pistols are registered trademarks of Glock, Inc.

After you have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions, and accept these Terms and Conditions, please continue with your purchase.



Important disclaimer:

All Airsoft guns sold at Airsoft Advantage come with required orange tip or orange plastic flash hider in accordance with federal laws.

Airsoft Advantage only sells look-alike replica products. We do not carry any authentic firearms, parts or accessories.

Colt®, the image of the Rampant Colt®, M4®, M16®, CAR®, and the overall appearance of the M4® are registered trademarks of New Colt Holding Corp. Glock® and the overall appearance of Glock® and G-series® pistols are registered trademarks of Glock, Inc.